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Lifestyler treadmill model 831297530 won't roll when I stand on it, rolls when I step down.


Thank you for your question.

There are a few reasons your treadmill is slowing down or stop when you step on the belt.

1. If the walking belt or drive belt is too loose the treadmill will slow down when you walk on it, but it will not slow down if it is running with no load. That is because the belt is slipping. If you only adjusted the walking belt and not the drive belt, the drive belt could be slipping. To adjust the drive belt you will have to remove the motor hood.

As far as the walking belt goes, it should be adjusted to be able to lift it approximately 2 to 3 inches at either side of the middle of the belt. I have provided the instructions for adjusting the walking belt below.

2. If the walking belt slows down under a load and both belts are adjusted correctly the walking belt could be dry and in need of lubrication, especially if you have it in a garage. Having it in a garage is a not a good thing the dust and dirt get into the wax on the bottom of the walking belt and grind down the walking board surface causing drag.

A dry walking belt is the most likely the problem. To correct this problem apply some deck wax, NOT Silicone, to the walking board. There is a lube kit available as well as a single tube. Both come with installation instructions, the part number for a single tube of wax is 219168 for $3.99, the part number for the kit which includes 3 tubes of wax, an application wand and a case is 219170 for $29.99 and they are available at Sears Parts Direct .

Just in case the lube does not come with instructions, I will add them. Turn the walking belt until the belt seam is along the top of the front roller. Raise the belt on one side in the center of the walking board front to back as high as you can. Apply 1/2 the tube of lubrication to the walking board in a zig zag fashion moving from front to back. Move the belt until the seam comes up on top of the rear roller and lift the belt again and put the rest of the lubrication on the walking board in the same manner. Turn the treadmill on and walk on the belt for 10-20 minutes. Walk all over the belt to distribute the lubrication evenly on the walking belt and board.

If you do not feel confident repairing this problem yourself, then you can have it repaired at your home by a Sears technician. Here is a link for the website: Sears Home Services .

I hope this helps.

If I can be of further assistance, please feel free to reply below.

Thanks for using Manage My Life.

Mark T.

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Mark T -
Sears Technician
January 25, 2011

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