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Our Lifestyler Expanse 1000 does not show speed, etc. Panel stays 0. Can we fix it?


Disconnect the power to the treadmill and remove the console to test. Disconnect the 8 wire harness from the console.

Connect the probes of an ohm meter to the black and the green wires in the connector. Get someone to walk normally on the belt. The meter should measure 0-5 ohms each time the magnet in the front roller passes the speed sensor. The meter should read open circuit when the magnet is not near the sensor.

If this is happening, the console is bad. If you don't get these readings with the ohm meter, the reed switch might be out of position or defective. Be sure the magnet is in place in the front roller.

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Jimmy K -
Sears Technician
April 06, 2009

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