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Proform 795 Treadmill shows Code E21-Lost Speed Signal. What part needs replacing?


The issue could be some dirt or debris on the optical sensor, near the motor, that sends the signal for speed. There is a hole in the sensor disc that a light shines through intermittently as the motor spins to produce a speed signal. If the disc is not centered or spinning freely or is dirty it may not be reading a signal. Most times when this happens the motor will still start but will shut down within a few inches of belt movement.

Another issue could be a bad wiring connection. If you remove the motor hood you can look for any disconnected, damaged, or out of place wiring to indicate a problem there.

If everything seems to check out okay then you could have a motor failure but it is fairly rare for the motor to stop altogether even when it has a problem and often a failed motor will damage other components also. So you should check all other possibilities first and might consider confirming any diagnosis with a professional.

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