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My Lifestyler model 831297320 runs full speed. Can I adjust 3 pots of left to make it one speed?


I am assuming you mean the treadmill runs only full speed when you turn it on. The speed control knob won't turn the speed down.

I don't understand what you mean by "3 pots of left". If you are talking about turning the speed control knob, you can do that. If you are talking about adjusting a pot on the controller, I don't advise that.

You should disconnect the power from the wall and remove the hood on the treadmill. You have three small wires coming from the console to the controller. They are red white and black. Disconnect the 3 wires from the controller and connect an ohm meter to red and white. As you rotate the speed control knob the resistance should increase when you turn it one direction and decrease when you turn it the other. Connect the ohm meter between black and white. The resistance should do the same except it will increase and decrease in opposite directions from the previous test.

If the tests above don't do what they should the speed control is bad. If the tests are good, the controller is bad.

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Jimmy K -
Sears Technician