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831296050 incline not working properly not going up/ why? and how can i fix?

A: is always a great resource to find the answers to just about anything. Your expert will research your question and respond within two business days but usually sooner.

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Alina F. -
February 09, 2012

I have attached a document that may very well be what is causing the problem on your treadmill. Give that a look over and see if the information in the document does indeed cover your situation.


If it does not please stop back by and let me know.


Thank you for using Manage My Life!

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XX Wade_ -
Sears Technician
February 10, 2012

Hello, I am unable to open this document. Is there anyway we can get another copy of this?

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Rebecca -
October 19, 2014
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My proform treadmill goes at one speed and stops when I get on. Have tried speeding up without getting on but stays slow.


Thanks for contacting I understand how frustrating it is having trouble with your treadmill not working properly. We are here to help. Based on the symptom, I suspect there is two problems with the treadmill. The first problem is the belt stopping when walking on the treadmill. When the belt is out of adjustment, the belt can slow down or stop when walking on it. Adjusting the belt as shown on page 23 of the owners manual should solve the problem. The second problem is the speed not increasing. When the speed will not increase, the problem may be a bad controller, the reed sensor need to be adjusted or the treadmill needs to be calibrated.  To calibrate the treadmill, it needs to be in calibration mode. To enter the "Calibration Mode" follow the steps below:

 1   Remove the safety key

 2   Press and hold the Stop and Speed up button

 3   Insert the safety key

 4   Release the Stop and Speed up buttons. The console is now in calibration mode.

While in the Calibration Mode go to the second level by pushing the Speed Up button.

To calibrate the speed, push the Speed Up button until 84% or 85% show in the Calories window of the console. Next, push the Speed Down button until the display shows zero.

To calibrate the incline, just push and hold the incline up button for 2 seconds. The incline should continue to go up and then reverse until the incline is at zero.

Pull out the safety key and reinsert it so the treadmill returns to normal mode. I hope this helps.

To order treadmill parts, please visit with the model number.

Please feel free to let me know if you need further assistance. We are always here to help.

Thank you for using

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John H -
Sears Technician
December 04, 2013

treadmill model # 831296050 console lights up then goes out treadmill not starting


I am sorry to hear about the difficulties that you are having. When an appliance goes out I usually see money going out the window, either in repair cost, or replacement. can take the mystery out of the repair. Your expert can help you determine if you should consider replacing or repairing an appliance. I did some research for you at this web page and found an expert answer to a similar question which may shed some light on the problem. If you decide to schedule service, and have a qualified technician to assist you, I have attached the link to I hope this will be useful until your expert can respond.

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James -
May 16, 2012

Thank you for your question.

I am sorry you are having a problem with the treadmill. I will be happy to assist you. If the lights are coming on and going out, the console is loosing power. To diagnose the problem you will need a volt ohmmeter. If you have a meter and feel comfortable making live voltage checks, use the images below. Just click on them to enlarge them. The first image is the wiring diagram and the second is the diagnostic flow chart. Before you begin, unplug the treadmill, and remove the hood. Then determine what checks you have to make. Once you are ready plug the treadmill and make the check. As soon as you have made the checks unplug the treadmill.

After you have the treadmill diagnosed, you can order the replacement parts from the following link.

If you do not feel confident repairing this problem yourself, then you can have it repaired at your home by a Sears technician. Here is a link for the website: Sears Home Services .

I hope this is helpful. If you need further assistance, please reply below with more details.

Thank you for using Manage my life.


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Mark T -
Sears Technician
May 21, 2012
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