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Slipping belt on a Pro-Form Treadmill, Model #831-291761.


With the Treadmill not working properly can be frustrating. I have taken the time to research on the Manage My Life website and have located similar information that you may find helpful. While you are waiting for a detailed reply from an expert I have attached the links below. Hope this helps!

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Priscilla V -
February 21, 2012

You said the belt slips and you also said that you can stop it with your foot. These are 2 different problems that we see from time to time. When you stop the belt with your food, does the front roller continue to turn or does everything come to a stop?

If the roller keeps turning and it's just slipping then the walking belt is worn out and will need to be replaced. If you stop the belt with your foot and everything comes to a stop then that will likely be a different situation and would very likely be a failed controller board and/or motor.

You can go HERE with the model number and order a new belt if that looks to be the only problem with the treadmill. If it looks like may be it's motor or controller you can CLICK HERE to see the procedure to calibrate the motor and controller. If you do that and still have the problem or you have a problem getting the machine to calibrate then it's very likely that the controller has failed. But let me know and we can do a test on the motor to determine if it's bad (but it's not likely).

Thank you for using Manage My Life!

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XX Wade_ -
Sears Technician
February 22, 2012

Hi Wade thanks for the reply. When I stop the belt with my foot the roller still continues on. I put a piece of tape on the roller and a corresponding one on the belt and when I stop it they are no longer aligned. I took the roller off and cleaned all the lint off it and put it back on and also bought some treadmill belt lubricant but it still slips. How course is the roller and the bottom of the belt supposed to be? The both seem pretty smooth to me. thanks

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Craig -
February 28, 2012

The roller should have an obvious gnarled surface on it. It's not anything that would be confused as lugs but it should have a cross-hatch pattern on it or a sleeve to grip the belt. If you don't see either then the roller is worn out. If the roller is worn down to where it's smooth then the belt is also going to be worn out as well.

The roller is: 180486

The belt is: 173063

you can order those at the link I've attached below.

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XX Wade_ -
Sears Technician
March 05, 2012
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