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Proform XP 580 Treadmill 831248556 Proform Treadmill


Thank you for your question and I understand your concern.  I added diagnostic information below. It could be a motor issue, friction issue or motor control board.

The LED indicates several different conditions. Each
condition and the status of the LED are given below.

OFF- When the LED is not lit, the controller is not receiving power. If the LED does not come on when power is applied, check the AC wiring between the wall outlet and the controller.

ON (Solid)- The controller is receiving 120 VAC and is functioning normally. No speed signal has been received from the console and the treadmill is at rest. Console will display "0" in calibration mode level 5.

ON (Blinking Quickly)- The controller has received a speed signal from the console greater than 0.0 MPH. It is now sending DC voltage to the drive motor. Console will display ‘6’ in calibration mode level 5.
ON (Blinking on and off once per second)- The controller is operating at its current limit. This will only occur if the controller is having to work too hard to maintain speed. Check for high friction between the board and belt or an over-tightened belt. Console will display ‘14’ in calibration mode level 5.
ON (Blinking VERY slowly: One second on, one second
off)- The controller has entered "Fold-back"mode where it
reduces voltage and amperage to the drive motor. This is
generally caused by a locked drive motor. Console will
display "30" in calibration mode level 5.

Calibration Mode: To enter this mode, press and hold the Stop and Speed UP buttons while inserting the safety key. There are five levels to this mode. Move from one level to the next by pressing the Stop button. Exit this mode at any time by removing the safety key.

Level 1- This level displays how the console has been configured to operate. It also displays the numerical value of each button as it is pressed. The console will beep six times to indicate the controller is being configured.

Level 2- This level is used to calibrate the incline and speed of the treadmill. To calibrate incline, press either Incline button. The treadmill will calibrate itself. To calibrate speed, press and hold the Speed UP button until the Distance window displays an 85% speed signal. Adjust the MAX SPD pot on the controller until the Speed window displays 10.0. Press Speed DOWN and allow the treadmill to come to a complete stop.

Level 3- This level lights each LED on the console in order. The Speed buttons control the speed of the lighting pattern.

Level 4- This level displays the total Time and Distance of the treadmill. It also shows the current units of measurement.

Level 5- Functional Test. This level allows the treadmill to be tested while still in calibration mode. The treadmill will run normally after the Start button is pressed, but the displays will show different information.
TIME- Elapsed Time
DISTANCE- Current PWM speed control signal output "0-85"
SPEED- Actual speed the treadmill is running.

Pressing both Speed buttons for two seconds will cause the console to display an alternate screen with the following information:

TIME- DC voltage to the drive motor in volts
DISTANCE- PWM speed signal of the motor controller
CALORIES- Motor current draw in tenths of an amp
SPEED- Controller Status: 0=off, 1=reset, 2=HV buss is charged, 4=HV buss is charging; 6=voltage to motor, treadmill is running;
14=Current Limit has been reached, 30= ‘Fold-Back’ mode… controller reduces voltage to drive motor to prevent overheating.
Pressing both Speed buttons for two seconds will cause the display to return to their initial displays.

I hope this information is helpful. I suspect a friction issue causing your symptom.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
March 25, 2014

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