Model #79577564600 Kenmore Elite bottom-mount refrigerator

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Question and Answers


How would I check the fan or know when the defrost cycle is on, on my 795-77564600 bottom freezer?


To check the fan you will need to remove the food, trays, and the drawer from the freezer. I am sending you images with instructions and images for removing the drawer. To just see if the fan is turning you can remove the trays from the drawer and hold the freezer light switch in while you look.

You know the refrigerator is in defrost when the compressor, condenser fan (the fan underneath the cabinet), and the evaporator fan ( the fan inside the freezer) stop running at the same time.

To check the defrost cycle remove the trays from the freezer and look at the evaporator cover (the panel that covers the rear of the freezer and has the evaporator fan mounted in it). If there is ice and frost built up on the evaporator cover and inside the openings at the bottom of it, the refrigerator is not defrosting.

The defrost cycle is controlled by the control board on your refrigerator and will normally give you an er-dF code if it fails to defrost.

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Jimmy K -
Sears Technician
November 19, 2008