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I have a Kenmore Freezer Refrigerator model 79577309600. The lower freezer fan frosts up frequently causing the fan to make a loud noise. Why does the fan housing frost up every 48 hours?


Frost is caused by warm moist air entering the refrigerator and the moisture becomes frost. Look closely around the freezer door and see if frost is forming on the walls or top or bottom of the liner near the door. If you have frost in these areas air is leaking around the door gasket. Sometimes the drawer front will get out of alignment and cause an air leak. The gasket might be ok and the drawer front needs aligning.

If you don't have frost in the freezer except around the fan motor the air is probably leaking around a refrigerator door. Inspect the refrigerator door gaskets for tears or malformation of the gasket. If everything looks normal do the dollar bill test on the gaskets.

Take a dollar bill and open the refrigerator door. Place the dollar bill so the door gasket will close on it. Close the refrigerator door and pull the dollar bill out. You should feel a slight resistance in removing the dollar bill. Move over the width of the dollar bill and repeat this process. Do this all the way around both refrigerator and freezer doors and mark any places where there is no resistance.

Clean the surface of the gaskets and the front of the cabinet with a clean cloth and hand dishwashing detergent and dry. Try the dollar bill in the areas of no resistance again. If there is still no resistance the door gasket needs to be replaced.

You can do this test on the freezer drawer also.

You should also open each door and the freezer drawer separately and press the light switch in with your finger to be sure the lights are turning off when the door is closed. A warm light bulb can cause moisture also.

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Jimmy K -
Sears Technician
September 11, 2008

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