Model #79575282401 KENMORE Bottom-Mount Refrigerator

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Why does my refrigerator makes loud popping noises in the defrost cycle?


There is a heater in the freezer that keeps the refrigerator frost free and you mention that it sounds like water dripping on a heater and most likely that is all it is.

You say it is getting louder. This could indicate that there is more frost being defrosted. If there is more frost then that might indicate a problem.

Check that the door gaskets are all sealing properly. More frost can be from more moisture in the refrigerator. A cooling problem can cause more frost but you'd notice other things, like not cooling well, besides the popping sounds. If there are no other problems such as not freezing well then the refrigerator is most likely working normally.

The popping sound in defrost is normal in a frost free refrigerator.

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Fred M -
Sears Technician
February 27, 2009

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