Model #79575012401 KENMORE Bottom-Mount Refrigerator

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Door popping open 79575012401 Kenmore Bottom-mount


Thank you for your question. I understand why this is a concern. I would recommend trying a few adjustments first. Level the refrigerator and try raising the front a tad more, so that there is a slight tilt backward. Check the door gasket to verify there are no crimps or tears causing a poor seal to the freezer gasket. If wrinkles have developed, use a hair dryer on low to smooth the wrinkles out. Clean the gasket and try adding a thin film of petroleum jelly to the gasket to provide more adhesion. Open and close the freezer door while observing the lower hinge. It should operate smoothly and not hang up. If it does not operate smoothly, try cleaning and lubricating the hinge for smoother operation. If the hinge is not operating properly, it should be replaced. The bottom door popping open is normally caused by the vacuum seal in the refrigerator. Air trapped inside one section is forced through the vents to the other section. If none of the fixes above help, please reply.  Thank you for using Manage My Life.

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Barbara H. -
Sears Technician
September 20, 2013

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