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Question and Answers


What type of cooking pans should I use on my Sears ceramic cooktop range?


The most important thing is for the bottoms of the pans to be perfectly flat. The pan must contact the glass surface to remove the heat or the element will cycle off on the protective limiter and heat very slowly.

Some aluminum pans will leave a brown stain on the glass top. These can be removed with either Barkeepers Friend or Bon Ami cleanser. Use a damp cloth or sponge and apply the cleanser liberally.

Boiled over stains might require a razor blade scraper held at a 30 degree angle to remove them.

Cast iron pans work fine but can scratch the glass top if they are slid on it. If you use cast iron be careful to lift the pans and place them on the burners without sliding them.

Copper bottom pans are fine as are stainless steel. Aluminum pans work well except for the staining. Not all aluminum pans will stain the top.

The pans need to fit the outline of the burners. Don’t use pans that overlap the outline of the burners by more than ½ inch. The pans should not be more than ½ inch smaller than the burner outline.

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Jimmy K -
Sears Technician
April 09, 2008

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