Model #79075503206 KENMORE ELITE range, electric/gas

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Question and Answers


Kenmore dual fuel stove model #79075503206 . oven is not working- will not heat up to temperature


Your symptoms point to a failure in the DLB (Double Line Break) relay that is circled in green on the wiring diagram below. The second image shows the parts list diagram with that relay circled in green. When this relay is bad, it will prevent the broil and bake elements on that main oven from heating. I recommend that you unplug the range and locate that relay. It should be on the back of the range. You will probably need to remove the back panel (Key 71) to access that relay. If you want to try a brief test, you can unplug the range and securely tape the thick red wire to the thick yellow wire that goes to the bake and broil elements together to temporarily bypass that relay for a brief test. The wire going to the bake and broil circuit should be yellow but it may be a different color. It will be thicker than the DC wires going to the relay coil from the control board. Be sure that the range is unplugged and that you connect the thicker AC wires together when you perform this test. Tape the thicker wires together securely with electrical tape. The wires should have metal spades on the ends that can be securely connected to each other. Taping that connection with electrical tape will make sure that these wires do not short against the metal cabinet when you power up the range. The red wire is LIVE when that range is plugged in. After you connect those wires, briefly plug in the range and see if the broil and bake elements will heat with that relay bypassed in this manner. If it does, then replacing that relay (part 318111501) should fix you heating problem in that oven. You can order that relay from the Sears PartsDirect website.

NOTE: Be sure that you UNPLUG the range and restore that wiring to the original configuration as soon as this brief test is completed. If you are not completely confident that you can complete this technical test of that relay, I recommend that you have the range serviced by a technician. Here is a link for the Sears Service website: Sears Home Services .

NOTE: Do not continue to operate the range with that relay bypassed.

If you need more help with this problem, reply with additional details and we will assist you further.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
July 01, 2011

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