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my oven wont light 79071202702 Kenmore Gas range


Thanks for the inquiry and for being a valued member.

I am sorry to hear of the issue you're having getting the bake cycle to heat. I know how frustrating that is to have happen.

You don't mention anything about the broil cycle, so I am not sure if both bake and broil are not working, or if it's just the bake. If both are not working, then I would suspect the electronic control board is shorted. However, if it's just bake, then it's more than likely an igniter issue.

In order for the oven to heat in the baking cycle the bake burner igniter must glow red hot and it must pull enough current in order to cause the oven safety valve to open and let the gas flow to the bake burner. If you can determine if the bake igniter is glowing then the bake igniter is likely too weak to pull enough current to cause the gas valve to open, replace the bake igniter.

If the bake igniter is NOT glowing, then it could have a broken igniter or a failed oven control or a faulty oven gas valve. The oven igniter can be tested for continuity with an ohm meter. You would have to disconnect the igniter from the electrical connection and then test the igniter for continuity with an ohm meter. If you have experience in checking live voltage and you feel safe and confident in doing so, you could also disconnect the bake igniter and check the voltage supply while the oven is set to bake. If voltage is present, replace the bake igniter. If voltage is not present, it may have a faulty gas valve or oven control.

If you would feel more confident have a Sears Home Service technician help assist with the diagnosis/repair, you can call 1-800-469-4663, or click here to be directed to the page to set up service.

I hope this helps and thanks for using We appreciate your business.   

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Jeff Wallace Sr -
Sears Technician
November 08, 2014

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