Model #79061754106 KENMORE Free Standing, Electric

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how do i calibrate my kenmore range oven?


Thank you for your question. The model number you are providing is not working in our system. In general a calibrations will let you adjust the temperature plus or minus 20 degrees. The first thing you must have a very accurate themometer in ourcase when we are on the field we use a TH22 probe. (click here) This will show you different type of technician probes and meters. If you are using a mercury thermometer,  I do not suggest changing the calibrations. Mercury is not accurate no matter what anyone says. In general to do the calibrations press bake set the temperature to 500 degrees and press and hold bake if 0 pops up nothing is wrong with the temperature. If plus 5 comes up then lower to 5 by pressing the down arrow if minus 5 comes up then press the up arrow to 5. You never want a plus or a minus in front of the number.

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dtova00 -
Sears Technician
October 28, 2013

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