Model #79045499500 KENMORE drop-in range, electric

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how to remove kenmore drop in range? Just lift? is it plugged in or hard wired?


Here is a direct link for the installation guide for that range: Installation Instructions . I recommend that you use the information in that guide to pull the drop-in range out of the counter. You will need to shut off the house circuit breaker for the range and then remove the bottom panel to access the anti-slide brackets shown on page 6. Once you remove those brackets, you can carefully slide the range forward to release the anti-tip bracket on the back of the range (shown on page 2). Pull the range out far enough to reach the junction box. This range should be hard wired to a junction box. Disconnect the wires from that junction box and then you remove the range from the counter.

This information should help you remove that range. If you need more assistance, reply with additional details.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
September 26, 2011

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