Model #79045079400 KENMORE slide-in range, electric

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which buttons do i hit to clean my self cleaning oven model# 79045079400 and for what amount of time


Thank you for your question.

I can understand wanting to get your oven clean and how to set the controls to get that done.

  • If you are going to be home during this cycle please follow the instructions I have given in the pictures below, staring with step 4.

  • Remove the racks and any pans you may have stored in the oven.

  • Clean any thick burned on areas on the bottom of the oven.

  • Make sure you can plenty of fresh air entering the home during the clean cycle because some of the fumes may be irritating to the nose or eyes.

Make sure if you have pets like birds are placed in an area as far remove from the kitchen as possible.

Gauge how soiled the oven is and when setting the oven for the time hours. You can pick 2 for light soil, 3 for medium soil, or 4 for heavy.

Start with step four in the instructions.

I hope this will help.

Thank you for using Manage My Life.

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Sam A -
Sears Technician
November 23, 2010

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