Model #750E WARDS NPA Counter Unit Electric

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What generators are recommended for use when the power goes out at home?


You can go to and search for generators. You should probably get a 4000-5000 watt generator so you can run a heater and the refrigerator and freezer if needed.

I am sending you a link for whole house generators that will automatically start if there is a power failure and power the necessary items in the house. These generators are more expensive and require regular maintenance.

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Jimmy K -
Sears Technician
February 09, 2010

hi i have a steele 7500 generator the name on the generator sp-gg750e 13 hp engine .the intake valve rocker arm jumped off and broke the stud bolt that the rocker pivots on i got parts from sears to repair it with.i took the exaust valve rocker arm off to check it. the exaust valve has a rotator on the very top where the rocker arm sits on but the intake valve rocker was laying n the valve cover can't find a rotator in the top of the engin don't know if the intake valve should have one or not i'am think just on the exaust valve but i want to know before i put it backtogether thanks . Larry

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larryF65 -
June 27, 2012
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