Model #66575014103 Kenmore free standing, gas

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Kenmore stove/oven


I understand your desire to fix this problem yourself. We want to help you fix this problem but your symptoms point to issues that do not likely involve the control boards. Since the burner ignites and preheats, the failure is not likely caused by either of those control boards. Under certain conditions, the ignition system will fail to detect a flame after the preheat portion of the cycle and the bake cycle will shut off. This is often caused by an alignment problem with the igniter and bake burner. I can be caused by several other factors that affect the ability of the ignition system to detect a burner flame. There has been a redesign of the bake burner and igniter assembly to make that ignition process more dependable in this model of range. That is why we recommend that you replace that bake burner and igniter assembly with part 8190618. You can order that part from the Sears PartsDirect website. That part costs around $60. That new bake burner has more gas ports around the igniter than the original burner. The igniter should be better able to sense the flame in that assembly. Here is a link for a video that shows how to replace that component: Range Bake Spark Electrode and Burner Replacement (part #8190618) . If that burner and igniter have already been replaced in your range, then you could have a problem with one of the control boards or the wiring connections. That spark igniter control board (part 9758080) is the component that senses the flame by monitoring that bake igniter circuit. If you are certain that you have a failed control board in the range, I recommend that you replace that control board first. If you replace that control board and still have the same problem, then the main clock control board may need to be replaced (part 8190201R). Those checks that we provided in that previous answer will normally help you determine whether a control board is bad. If you want to conduct further diagnosis before replacing any components, I recommend that you use the information in that previous answer. This is a difficult system to diagnose in many situations. That is why we cannot simply tell you which control board is causing this failure. It may be neither of those control boards. If you replace both of those control boards and the burner/igniter assembly, you could still have a problem with grounding or polarity that is causing this failure. A problem with the safety gas valve could also cause this failure. A more complicated system like this one will normally take some patience and detailed diagnosis to properly repair. I hope that this information helps. If you need more assistance, reply with additional details.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
September 03, 2011

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