Model #6654438993 KENMORE Built-In Oven, Electric with Microwave

  • Magnetron And Air Flow
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  • Cabinet And Stirrer Drive
    3 Results
  • Control Panel
    3 Results
  • Cabinet And Latch
    3 Results
  • Microwave Cabinet
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  • Oven
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  • Oven Door
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  • Wiring Harness
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What part typically fails in a microwave preventing it from heating?


I could not recommend any specific part that you could replace in order to repair your microwave. There could be one of many possible failures preventing your microwave from heating. I do not recommend attempting to trouble shoot or repair your microwave due to the possibility of becoming electrocuted. NOTE: Microwaves inherently store high voltage even when unplugged which can be fatal or cause serious injuries.

I recommend calling a service technician to diagnose and repair your microwave.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
September 18, 2009