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How do I remove the top rack in my Kenmore dishwasher model 655.1680590?


On this model of dishwasher, you should see a rack stop at the front of each rail for the top rack. To remove the top rack, you will need to remove this stop. To remove the stop, you will likely need to pry down with a small screwdriver to release the stop from the slot that you will likely find in the rail. Remove the stop on each side and then you should be able to pull the top rack completely out of the dishwasher.

This information is based on information for this general class of dishwashers. Your dishwasher may differ slightly. If the above procedure does not work for your model, I recommend that you send us a digital picture of your rack rails. With a picture, we will be able to help you better determine the method of removal for this dishwasher rack.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
October 09, 2008

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