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How can I get my Kenmore compactor drawer to open?


There could be numerous reasons why the ram failed to return to the top. If the ram does not travel back up to the top, the drawer will not open. It may have lost the voltage supply to the compactor or it could have a bad drawer tilt switch, top limit/directional switch, directional drawer safety switch, motor, motor centrifugal switch or the drawer kick out just enough to cause the drawer tilt switch to open and break the circuit. Try pushing inwards on the drawer while starting it, the unit may start and return the ram back to the top. Then remove the trash and recheck operation. Sometimes if there is large bottle or can in the compactor and it’s not in the center, it can cause the drawer to kick open and stop operation.

In order to open the drawer will require removing the compactor from under the counter and disconnecting the power cord. Lay the unit on its back and remove the bottom pan. Rotate the large gear until the ram has traveled all the way back up and then you can open the drawer.

I added some information and the theory of operation in the images below.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
November 05, 2009

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