Model #6289467910 KENMORE ranges, electric

  • Backguard And Cooktop Assembly
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  • Body Assembly
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  • Doors, Latch Mechanism And Drawer
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  • Wiring And Wiring Terminals
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  • Optional Pan And Rings
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Kenmore Elecgtric Range, Serial No. OL96414, Model No. 628-9467910.


Thank you for your question and I understand your concern.

Depending on which component has failed, it may or may not be repairable. Due to the age of the range, a lot of the functional parts are no longer available. Based on the age and the availability of parts, I would not waste any money on having a service technician come out and diagnose why the self cleaning function as failed.

If you're setting the controls correctly and the oven door is not locking and/or heating in the clean cycle and every other functions works; you can always clean the oven following the instructions on a can of oven cleaner. I hope this is helpful. If I may be of further assistance as more details become available, please reply to this post.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
August 06, 2012