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how to install gasket on oven door


Installing a gasket for a range can be a tricky procedure. I researched your question and was able to find a couple links that may help with the replacement of the door gasket for your range. I attached the links below. I hope this helps.

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Jackie S -
March 19, 2012

We don't have specific instructions for replacing the door gasket.

You can get an image showing how the parts of the door are assembled at Parts Direct The door gasket is item 200.

To replace the gasket, you need to remove the oven door from the range. To remove the door, open the door to the broil position and grasp the sides of the door with both hands. Don't lift the door by the handle, the door is heavy and the handle might break. Lift the door up and slightly out with both hands. The hinges might be stuck and you have to lift fairly hard to remove the door.

Place the door on a padded surface with the handle down. You must remove the inner panel of the door (item 233). Remove the screws holding the panel to the door (item 232) and you can pry the inner panel off with a small flat blade screwdriver.

The panel has to fit into a groove in the gasket to hold it to the door. It is usually best to clean the edges of the panel and fit the gasket onto it them place the assembly on the oven door.

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Jimmy K -
Sears Technician
March 20, 2012
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