Model #625340490 Kenmore water softener

  • Major Assemblies And Connecting Parts
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  • Salt Storage Tank And Salt Saver Brine Valve
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  • Resin Tank, Valve Adaptor And Connecting Parts
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  • Valve Cap, Safety Valve And Flow Washer Housing
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  • Timer And Cam Nest
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Hook up of older Kenmore H2O softener. Got unhooked when house was remodeled. What to do?


It should be pretty straight forward. The connections that were there should connect to the plumbing that should still be there. The drain hose goes into the drain it was in before. The transformer plugs into the wall outlet. You have to set the time and go through the other timer settings for the softener to work.

If you need more information send another email with details of what you are having problems with and we will try to help.

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Jimmy K -
Sears Technician