Model #625340230 Kenmore water filter

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Question and Answers


Where can I find a manual for a water filter model number 625340230?


The owner's manual is not available in hard copy or online for this older filter any more. I called a technician at the Kenmore Water Line for instructions on the backwash for this filter. There should be a small knob next to the big knob on the timer. The small knob should say "START BACKWASH". Turn this backwash knob clockwise until it stops. It should engage the backwash routine.

If you need more help with this filter, I recommend calling the Kenmore Water Line at 1-800-426-9345. You can also resubmit a question to us and we will always be glad to help you as well.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
July 10, 2009