Model #6093D MAKITA drill driver

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Question and Answers


how do you remove the chuck key from the drill driver


I have included a set of illustrated instruction for a model I think may be similar to yours. (See below) I intend for this to be a rough guide only. The pictures may not look exactly like your unit. The inside center screw is left hand thread and the chuck is right hand thread (this way the chuck won't come off in reverse) Once you have the center screw out take a large allen wrench and chuck the small end in the chuck nice and tight. Hold the drill in your hand and place the chuck on the edge of your bench with the allen wrench sticking up at an angle. Take a hammer and give the allen wrench a good whack with the hammer down towards the bench (make sure it is to loosen to the right hand thread) You are breaking the chuck loose from the threaded shaft it has been stuck on. Also make sure the drill is in low gear if it has 2 speeds. You might have to hit it more then once.

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Mark T -
Sears Technician
July 23, 2010