Model #59679167990 Kenmore bottom-mount refrigerator

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I have a Kenmore Refrigerator model 59679167990. How does it get rid of excess moisture? Does a fan do this?


The fan inside the freezer circulates the air inside the refrigerator and freezer across the very cold evaporator coil inside the freezer. The cold coil causes the moisture to freeze on the coil in the form of frost.

The defrost timer turns on a heater, and turns the compressor and evaporator fan motor off. This happens usually every 8-12 hours. This melts the frost from the evaporator coil. The moisture goes through a drain tube to a pan underneath the refrigerator by the compressor. The heat from the compressor and condenser coil evaporate the moisture in this pan.

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Jimmy K -
Sears Technician
October 13, 2008