Model #59673914200 KENMORE Bottom-Mount Refrigerator

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How do I get a wiring diagram for my Kenmore refrigerator?


You will need to jump the test points on the icemaker L to V in order to get 120volts to the icemaker solenoid. If you do not have 120volts to the solenoid during this test you will need to ohm out the harness from the icemaker plug to the solenoid harness. If you have an open circuit the internal harness has failed & is non-repairable. Be sure your jumper wire is making contact; jump T to H to start a harvest cycle.

Please see the troubleshooting & diagnosis tech sheet provided in the image below. I do not see a wiring diagram available. Your refrigerator should have a tech sheet that has the wiring diagram in it. Look behind the toe plate in front of the refrigerator.

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biker dave -
Sears Technician
August 19, 2009