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Is it normal for a half inch of water to remain in the tub of my Sears Dishwasher model # 5871738580?


Core issue: A half inch of water remaining in bottom of Sears dishwasher model # 5871738580.

Resolution: It is normal for some water to remain in the dishwasher around the pump module.

Some water in the bottom of the tub around the pump module is normal. This is to prevent the pump seals from dry rotting. Some dishwashers run the drain pump at the beginning of the cycle to drain the remaining water that may have been left in the unit or collected while loading dishes.

Water should not completely cover the top of the pump module / filter screen. If more than 1" of water is present, there may be a draining issue.

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Tamira B. - Personal Solutions Manager -
Sears Technician
July 17, 2009