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Why does my Kenmore dishwasher, model 587.16142404 not dry?


In reference to your Kenmore dishwasher, model 587.16142404

Possible Causes for dishes not drying :

  • Plastics are difficult to dry because they are not a good conductor of heat. Plastic dishes have a porous surface and tend to collect droplets
    • For best drying performance it is recommended to use rinse aid and the heat dry option. Do not wash plastic items in the dishwasher unless they are marked dishwasher-safe. Always load plastic items in the top rack only, never in the bottom rack.
  • Dishes not dry due to low incoming water temperature
    • For best drying results, the incoming water temperature should be 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Dishes have spots or are not dry due to not using rinse aid
    • It is very important that Rinse Aid be used for the best drying performance and to use the heat dry option. Rinse aid greatly improves drying and reduces water spots and filming. Water "sheets" off dishes rather than forming water droplets that cling and leave spots. Use rinse aid with the heat dry option for best drying results.
    • If the water hardness exceeds the Rinse Aid's ability to hold calcium and other minerals in suspension, more Rinse Aid will be needed.
  • Dishes not clean or dry due to improperly loading the dishwasher
    • If dishes are not angled, packed too tightly or the dishwasher is overloaded, the spray will not be able to hit the soiled areas.

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Angela R. - Personal Solutions Manager -
Sears Technician
November 04, 2009

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