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Dishwasher Kenmore M# 58715102801 - the light above Sanitize Option won't come on


I do not have enough details indicating what cycle(s) you are selecting along with the "Sanitize" option. You also did not state if the "Sanitize" option light has ever worked. Did it work and then quit working after the control board was replaced for some other reason? I do know the control board part number has changed from the original part number. There may not be anything wrong because the Owner's manual has some wrong information in it about the "Sanitize Option". The "Sanitize" option and the "High Temp Wash" option are not available with the "Upper Rack" cycle. The "Sanitize" option is also not available with the "Eco Wash" cycle. So, if you are selecting the "Eco" wash cycle the "Sanitize" option is not available nor is the "Sanitize" option available along with the "Upper Rack" cycle.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
June 16, 2010

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