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Why is dishwasher safe flatware stained with strange markings following a cycle in my Kenmore dishwasher?


Since you have a water softener, you will need very little dishwasher detergent to properly wash your dishes in this unit. The image below shows the recommended amount of detergent that should be used according to your water hardness. I recommend that you use only 2 teaspoons of regular powdered detergent in the dishwasher dispenser instead of using the Cascade Advanced Power Actionpac that you referred to in your question detail. Also, I recommend using rinse aid set to the lowest number on the dispenser setting.

These tips should help prevent future problems in the dishwasher.

The stains on the new flatware could have been caused by the excessive detergent. Depending on the type that you have, the protective coating could have been removed. You may be able to clean the stains off with a paste of baking soda and water or a stainless steel cleaner. They may continue to stain if washed in the dishwasher.

Washing the metal oven rack in the dishwasher was not a good idea. Most metal oven racks must be hand washed, rinsed with water and dried. Refer to the owner's manual for proper instructions on the care and cleaning of your oven racks.

The white deposits on the heating element at the bottom of the tub are likely caused by the excessive detergent being used. This should not affect the performance of the heating element. The white deposits will likely fade away as you continue to run cycles using the proper amount of detergent.

From your description, I do not think that you have any component failures or malfunctions in the dishwasher itself. Following the above tips should help you resolve the problems that you reported. If you need more help, resubmit your question with additional details.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician

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