Model #58053701300 Kenmore dehumidifier

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How do you wire the capacitor on a Kenmore Dehumidifier model 58053701300?


The wiring diagram for your dehumidifier is shown in the image below. It is not a good reproduction but it is the only one that I have available. You may be able to use this diagram to properly wire your new capacitor. If not, I recommend having a service technician rewire the new capacitor. If you do the work yourself, be sure to follow electrical safety guidelines. Make sure that the dehumidifier is unplugged when internal components are accessed. Capacitors will normally retain an electrical charge even when the unit is unplugged. Make sure that any capacitor that you work on is properly discharged before handling wiring connections.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
May 04, 2009