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Kenmore 58052650100 turns on, compressor kicks in, water drains but only for 5 mn at the most. Never reaches the desired rh, set to 30


The unit may be frosting up and sensing that it needs to defrost after 5 minutes. There is a thermistor (temperature sensor) on the evaporator that detects the frosting condition. The humidistat is shown as Key 5-A on the parts diagram (shown in the first image below). The second image below shows a photograph of that component. There is a chance that you can clean that component and see some improvement in performance if the evaporator is not icing up quickly as described above.

I don't recommend that you alter the dehumidifier and bypass the control board and sensor.

I recommend that you check to see if the evaporator is frosting up quickly and then shutting off the compressor to defrost the fins. If you are not seeing excessive frost after 5 minutes when the unit shuts off, then you may have a bad humidistat or a problem with that thermistor. The thermistor is part number 3Q35015Q. You can order that component from this page: Thermistor for Kenmore Dehumidifier 580.52650100 . The humidistat is part number 6500A90002A. Here is a link for that part: Humidistat for Kenmore Dehumidifier 580.52650100 .

These tips may help you resolve the dehumidifier problem. If you need more assistance, reply with additional details.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
July 06, 2012

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