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Question and Answers


Where can I find the ohms resistance for the stator or rotor assembly for my Briggs & Stratton Generator model 58032728?


The resistance for the stator and rotor assembly for your generator can be located on the Briggs & Stratton website. The repairman needs to be an authorized dealer to access the technical portion of the Briggs & Stratton website that has the technical information needed for repairing generators. Based on your model number, the chart shows that rotor resistance should be 9.3 - 12 ohms. There are several readings for the stator resistance (Power .26-.32/.28-.35, DPE 2.26-2.80 and BCW .08-.12/.08-.12). The repairman should have access to the resistance table 87971 to look up proper resistance values for the generator. The part numbers of the rotor and stator should be verified to make sure that the correct resistance values are use. If you carried the generator into a Sears Service Center for repair, the repairman should have access to the chart and also has access to advanced technical assistance from Sears and the manufacturer. If you need more help or information, resubmit your question with additional details.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
April 01, 2010