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what is the idle speed supposed to be set at 580327040 Craftsman A-c generator


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I don't seem to have the Briggs engine model available on my side, so I can't see the engine specifics. You will need to look for the Briggs & Stratton engine model number which is usually stamped in somewhere around the engine. 
If you are referring to the idle adjustment on the carburetor, when you turn this screw in it will push the throttle out and when you loosen the screw it will allow the throttle to come back in. If you want to increase the idle speed turn the screw to the right. Most manufactures don't have the RPM listed for the specs. 
If adjusting the idle doesn't help, you may have an internal carburetor issue like a blocked or partially blocked fuel jet or a sticking needle in the seat. 
To help out, I've located a carburetor adjustment sheet from Briggs that you can refer to on the carb idle adjustment. This appears to be for a mower, the but process will be the same for a generator. 

Briggs Idle Adjustment 

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Jeff Wallace Sr -
Sears Technician
June 16, 2014

Craftsman Gas Genorator #580327040: The unit is only giving 60 volts instead of 120 Volts. There are still some parts available for this unit.


Definitely having to do repairs yourself can be a challenge to help in determining if you have the right part I would suggest visiting Sears parts where you can view a diagram of all parts still available for your model. I have attached a link below. Hope it helps!

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Priscilla V -
June 20, 2011

Thank you for your question.

I can understand wanting to know why the generator is only putting out half the voltage.

Since this generator is old and the bridge rectifier is no longer available we not substitute listed. I would suggest that you check for broken wires and remove the brush block and clean contacting surface and make sure both brushes are making good contact on the rotor.

You can remove the back plate and then the carrier bearing support to get to the brush block.

If that all checks okay, then you may have to have it serviced.

It is not very safe but you could check both half�s of the bridge rectifier with a volt meter with the engine running to see if it is producing volts off of both sides of the bridge. This is up to you since this could have a potential danger of shorting contacts and or getting shocked.

I hope this will help.

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Sam A -
Sears Technician
June 22, 2011
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