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Lower Blade guard-10 inch compound miter saw-Model N. 137.212360


Thank you for your question on the lower blade guard coming in contact with the spinning blade.

You are correct in that the blade at no time should come into contact with the lower blade guard.

As you start the saw motor and begin to bring the arm down the lower blade guard should pivots up out of the way of the blade and then as the arm returns to the up position it should come back down to cover the blade while the blade is still turning. Even if the blade is still rotating the blade should not touch the lower guard.

Please examine the saw to see if the blade guard has been damaged. This is a real safety issue and I would suggest taking the saw in for service if you cannot identify what caused the blade to cut the lower guard. Also please check the saw for any damage to the motor and arm assembly.

If you have any pictures you can send me, perhaps I can see why this happened. Please do not use the saw with a damaged lower blade guard.

Sam A.

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Sam A -
Sears Technician
July 05, 2012