Model #56442915190 LXI Direct View\Digital 27" to 40" TV

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How do I change the color on my 1991 LXI tv?


I have been looking at all the information I can find and it looks like you would have to have an original remote to be able to adjust video setting. There does not seem to be away to make adjustments without an original style remote. A universal remote might work for the basic functions but would not be able to goes into the adjustment menu. The Digicon Key would have to be pressed to get into the setting menu. And then continue to press the Digicon Key to scroll through the adjustments. The - and + keys adjust then value of each setting. I have looked for a remote and have a part number, but get the same message when looking for it. “Model# 56442915190 Part# 46-841253-3 Rc transmitter (smc)Discontinued. We're sorry. This part is no longer available. No alternate or substitute part has been recommended by the manufacturer.” I did find a picture of the remote in the owners manual and looked at remote control picture online and found one that should be compatable with your television. The remote would say FISHER on which is a Sanyo remote. Sanyo did make the LXI Models that start with the 564 for the model number. The part number 610-237-8399 is a replacement remote and part number 610-237-1338 would be an original remote. The difference in the two remote would be extra button on the remote part number 610-237-8399. Either on the remotes can be ordered through Sears at (800) 252-1698. Monday - Friday 7am - 9pm Central time.

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Wayne A -
Sears Technician
April 10, 2008