Model #53SBX01BA HITACHI Projection/Digital 42" and above TV

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My TV shut off and I can not get it to come back on.


There are 2 common problems that can cause a dead set symptom with your TV.

  • The most common issue with a Hitachi projection TV that will not come on is a convergence problem. Convergence is what aligns the three picture tubes to make the picture square and all line up.

  • The second would be the high voltage sine is shorted and some components are not working any more.

Either one of these problems are hard to diagnose via email. I would recommend that a TV technician come out to make some checks to see what is going on with your particular TV.

Please Note There are many wires in side a television that can shock a person even if the TV is unplugged for a long period of time

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Dusty J -
Sears Technician

my 53 inch hitachi tv, model no. 53SBX01BA, lost power during a storm and will not power back up!!! HELP

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roger -
March 16, 2013
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