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fuel filter/fine-screen for 917383410 (mower) / 143364062 (engine) 917383410


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I do not see the tank filter or grommet listed individually as well. I suspect they are offered in combination with the tank/shroud assembly. You may be able to match up a replacement grommet without purchasing the assembly, unless the filter portion is needed as well. I don't know of any compound that can be used to seal the grommet that can withstand gasoline. It will break down after a short time. 

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Jeff Wallace Sr -
Sears Technician
May 19, 2015

Hi Jeff, Thanks for your help, but I've now solved the problem. The bad part in question really isn't a grommet, but a fuel tank bushing. I found a very good video on YouTube describing the problem and showing how to replace/install the bushing ( The video also states the part number and I found one at amazon ( It is described as, "MaxPower 7730 Fuel Tank Bushing for Snapper 12337/MTD 735-0149/Noma 42690/Tecumseh 33679" The situation on the lawnmower is a little different. The micro-screen filter is a small tubular-shaped filter attached to one end of a male-to-male metal hose connector. One end slips into the fuel line and is held in place with a small clamp. The other end is slipped into the bushing which forces the bushing to expand against the tank body - thus holding and sealing the line tight to the tank. On this end is the small micro-filter. Here's how I intend on replacing the bushing - since the micro-filter is so fragile: 1) Follow this order exactly. * 2) Clamp the old filter/connect/bushing assembly in a vise by the edge of the bushing. 3) Take a sharp utility knife and carefully cut away the old and deteriorated bushing. 4) Insert the new bushing into the tank (this may or may not require some effort). 5) Apply WD-40 to the tank side of the connector (but not the filter, so use the small plastic tube to direct the lubricant). 6) Use a good pair of vice-grips to tightly clamp the connector and press/twist connector into INSTALLED bushing - without damaging the micro-filter! * This order must be followed as it would be almost impossible to reverse the order and place the bushing onto the connector first - as you wouldn't be able to place it into the tank. And you'd probably never get the bushing off the connector without destroying the filter or cutting the bushing off!

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May 19, 2015
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