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Do I have a failed infinite switch or indicator light if the light stays on when all the switches are off? Kenmore MD# 911.4252990, light stays on even when burner is off, only one indicator light ...


The failure causing the indicator light to stay on is one of the four infinite switches and not the indicator. Each one of the infinite switches has a wire connected to terminal "P". When the infinite is turned on, terminal "P" provides voltage to the indicator light. One way of diagnosing which switch has a stuck/welded contact is to disconnect the power supply from the cook top and then disconnect the wire connected to terminal "P" from only one switch at a time and then re-apply power. If the light comes back on, the switch you pulled the wire off of is not the bad one. Repeat steps until the light remains off and which ever switch you removed the wire from and the light remains off, replace that switch.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
April 08, 2010

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