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What would cause my Kenmore washer to leave the clothes wetter that usual?


There could be one or more possible reasons why the clothes are coming out wetter than they should.

  • Cold rinse water will appear to cause the clothes to feel wetter than it would if the water was warm.
  • Worn out clutch
  • Water valve slow to shut off
  • Gear case failure
  • Drain restriction
  • Loose wire connection causing the motor to start and stop very rapidly.

There is clutch located directly above the gear case which can wear and cause a slow spin. The gear case could be engaging into spin before it pumps all the water out thus having to spin a full tub of water as it is slowly draining. You could also have a water inlet valve shutting off too slowly after the spray rinses too. The washer is supposed to drain all the water before the motor pause and then start the spinning cycle.

Without knowing the model I will not be able to know what type of console you have. The console must be put into the service position in order to remove the cabinet clips and cabinet. The agitator must also be removed before removing the gear case. The console is could be fastened several different ways. It will likely have end caps that will need to be removed as shown in the last image.

I recommend resubmitting your question with the model number and additional details for model specific instructions.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
December 09, 2009

Hi, The model number is 417.99970100 thanks for your help

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Roman -
April 07, 2013
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