Model #41792052102 Kenmore residential dryer

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Thank you for your question and I understand your concern.

There is a "Safety Thermostat/High Limit Thermostat" located on the upper side of the housing located directly behind the drum. You will have to raise the top to access it. I also added an image of the wiring the wiring diagram with the heating circuit traced in red and green. Red is line voltage and green is the neutral.

The glow bar igniter must glow in order to cause the gas valve to open before it will ever attempt to heat. I must assume the glow bar igniter is not glowing red. If the glow bar igniter is not glowing and it tests Okay then it's not getting voltage. You can diagnose which component has failed by disconnecting the power cord and then disconnect the two wires from the component being tested. You will need to check for continuity at the timer between contacts B to A, temperature switch terminals 1 to 2, thermostat terminals Red to Pink, high limit thermostat and flame sensor. Note: Be sure to disconnect the wires from the component before testing it for continuity and be sure to have the unit unplugged from the power source. To release the top, there is a spring clip located between where the top meets the front panel. Slip a thin putty knife directly in front of the clip and push in while lifting that corner. Repeat on the other side to release the top and hinge it open. See second image below.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
June 17, 2011