Model #3902522 Craftsman pump

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Running, But not pumping water 3902522 Craftsman Pump


Thank you for your question.


I am sorry you are having this problem with the pump. If the pump was working fine at 25 feet but not at 53, I recommend checking the pipe-sizing chart first. If the pipe is too small, the pump will not pump. I posted an image below that contains the pipe-sizing chart. Click on the image to enlarge it. If you have the correct size pipe installed, I recommend trying to prime the pump again. If priming does not cure the problem, I recommend checking the check valve. If the check valve is leaking, it will not keep the pump primed. If the pump seems to keep its prime the problem is pipe is plugged or the pump impeller and diffuser.  I would also like to know if you have this pump set up for shallow or deep well. If the above information does not help please let me know.



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Mark T -
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September 18, 2013

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