Model #38518221800 Kenmore mechanical sewing machines

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  • Face Cover/needle Plate
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  • Upper Shaft/handwheel
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  • Feed & Lower Shaft
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  • Hook/bed Cover/shift Arm
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Kenmore sewing machine Model 38518221800 Bobbin will not thread.


Thank you Rich for your question on the timing of the needle to shuttle hook.

The needle timing is with the needle all the way to its lowest point and then back up about 3/16 rise off the bottom and the very point of the shuttle should be directly behind the center of the needle just above the eye.

If it is not there then you will need to retime the machine.

Remove the bottom lower bed cover under the shuttle bobbin case on the open arm.

Make sure the needle is in the position as described above and locate the set screws on the shuttle driver Allen type screws.

There are two screws to loosen on the shuttle driver gear and you will have to move the hand wheel to loosen the one you cant get to with the shuttle in the correct timed position. So move the hand wheel and loosen that screw and then reset the needle to the timed position and loosen the other set screw and with your fingers move the shuttle point so it is directly behind the center of the needle.

Then lock the screw and turn the hand wheel to get to the other set screw.

I will give you an image of the location and set screws below. You can do this without the timing tools like they show in the picture.

Please let me know how it went.

Sam A.

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Sam A -
Sears Technician
November 08, 2011