Model #36314074790 KENMORE Dishwasher

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hi i have a kenmore dw 36314074790 that is not adding water at the correct time i mean before the wash not in the middle of it ive checked the valve


I can appreciate your concern over this fill issue you're currently having.  I can not help but feel that it might be a timer issue since you're certain that the float is in working order.   I would also suggest checking all harness connections between the fill valve and control.  If you have a meter you can also check for resistance at those harness connections.  I did locate a link that will discuss your situation in more detail. Click here to view the link.  Though this link discusses a different model number,
the mechanics are likely going to be very similar. Keep in mind that an expert will be
responding within the next two business days if not sooner and will likely offer you more information and
instruction. I hope this information will be helpful and have a nice day.

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Henry -
June 23, 2013

I know that it can be very difficult to have issues with your dishwasher. From what you are describing it sounds like the timer is not calling for the water at the right time. This is what controls the different cycles in the unit. However, in order to be sure, you will need to have it tested. I would suggest that you have a technician do this for you. If you would like to schedule service, please click on this link: Sears Home Services. I hope this helps. If you need further assistance, please reply to this thread. Thank you for using Manage My Life.

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AnneJ -
Sears Technician
June 24, 2013
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