Model #36275885891 KENMORE Free Standing, Gas

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Gas Oven and Oven Light 36275885891 Kenmore Gas range


Hello glad to help.  Thank You for choosing Sears
I am sorry and do understand your frustration when there are problems with the range.
Glad to help out.   Im  looking at your Kenmore model number 362.75885891.

How to troubleshoot a gas range:
1.  Test the burners at the top.  If the burners do not light or produce a low flame, then check 
    the supply valve.  If the stove operates on LP then check the level in your tank.
2.  Open the door to the broiler section.  The oven buner and ignition system are in the upper 
    portion of the broiler chamber.  For ovens without broiler, remove the ovens bottom cover plate
    and flame spreader to expose the burner elements.  Refer to the owners manual for exact 
    instructions.  Have a flashight handy to view the oven's inner workings.
3.  Inspect the burner tube for obstructions and holes.  Obstructed holes prevent the burner tube
    from heating evenly or at all in some cases.  Holes in the tube cause by corrosion or over
    heating prevent the flame from spreading evenly and properly.  You may be able to clean the
    obstructed burner tube, but replace the assembly if it is corroded or burnt through.
4.  Determint the type of ignition system.  Once you have fisual access to the burner elements, look
    for the ignition mechanism.  In either case, these are toward the rear of the oven,  immediately
    next to the burner tube. Electronic, glow ignition point to open and regulate the supply of gas
    to the burner.  
5.  Test the ignitor.  How to test gas ignitors for ranges:
a.  Unplug the oven from the wall for your safety.
b.  Lower the oven door.  Sometimes best to have more room and just remove it.
c.  Remove the oven racks from inside.  Remove the lower panel when testing the bake ignitor.
d.  Remove the burner shield by taking out the screws that secure it to ignitor first.
e.  Next take out the screws that hold the ignitor.  Pull the ignitor away from the oven wall.
    Unclip the wire connector.  If the wire connector is not accessible, remove the back rear
    panel to the oven, or remove the bottom storage drawer to access the wire connector.
f.  Get a multimeter to the lowest setting so you can measure the Ohms of resistance.  Calibrate
    the meter. Refer to your meters instructions 
g.  Place one of the terminals on the ovens bake ignitor's terminal with one of the multimeters 
    probes.  Then touch the other terminal with the other probe.
h.  Check the multimeter's display  If the meter does not move, displaying a resistance of any 
    numbers on the Ohms of resistance, there is no continuity.   If no continuity then the bake 
    ignitor is bad.

If you have further questions please let me know.
Thanks for choosing Sears

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Larry L -
Sears Technician
February 18, 2014

Is there a reset feature on the door lock of my Kenmore range?


There is not a reset for the door latch mechanism. Since the door will not lock properly so that the self-clean cycle will begin, this indicates that you have a component failure with the latch mechanism. I recommend calling a service technician to diagnose and repair this type of problem.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
April 17, 2009

I did not make myself clear. After the clean cycle finishes and has cooled down the door will open (a manual slide lock slide to right to clean, then after cooling slides to left to open.) At the point the LOCKED DOOR display (IN RED) does not go out. I can open & close the door. The oven bake and boil does not come on.

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Chip Stephens -
December 31, 2011

I have the same problem. Do your top burners work? Mine do not. Ugh!!

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Crystal -
December 31, 2011
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Why does my gas oven not relight after reaching the set temperature?


Although you get the burner to light by tapping the safety gas valve, this type of problem is normally caused by a weak igniter. You said that you replaced the igniter. You did not indicate how long ago that you replaced the igniter and how long the oven burner worked properly after replacing the igniter. From what I can tell, the igniter is the same for the bake and broil burner on this range. I recommend unplugging the range and switching the igniters and seeing if the bake burner will work properly with the broil igniter installed. If it will, then you will need to replace the igniter. If changing the igniter has no effect, then you could have a failed gas safety valve, a wiring problem or a bad electronic control board. A technician would normally need to test the amperage of the current on the wire between the igniter to the gas valve to accurately determine the failed component. If you want to take a chance on replacing the gas valve, it may fix your problem if the wiring circuit is okay.

If you need more help, resubmit your question with additional details.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician

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