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I have a gas oven it cleans fine, but will not heat when you turn the oven on!


Thank you for your question.

It can be very inconvenient not to have the oven working.

Because this is a gas appliance, there are some inherent dangers with repairing these appliances. I would suggest that you have a certified gas appliance technician repair your range.

It sounds like the burner lighting circuit on the bake side is not working.

The first responder has given you a good link to a Joey S answer that pertains to your range.

As Joey S noted it could be a number of things that can cause this problem.

If you start the oven in the bake mode you should see a bright orange glow of the bake igniter through the vents on the side of the oven floor. If the glow is dim I would say that the igniter has failed.(Note even if it glows it could be bad).

I would suggest replacing the igniter because it is the most common failure part in that circuit.

If you feel comfortable with and have some mechanical ability you could change that igniter yourself and it have repaired it yourself and saved a lot of money.

  • REMOVE POWER to the range.

  • Open the oven door and remove the oven racks to make this easier.

  • Locate the chrome speed nuts on the back oven bottom and loose but do not remove.

  • Remove the oven bottom out of the oven cavity.

  • Now you will see a panel that looks like butterfly wings which is the flame spreader. Locate and remove the screws that secure it to the burner tube.

  • You will now see the burner and the igniter attached to the side of the burner.

  • Remove the screws that attach the igniter to the burner tube.

  • Pull the old igniter with the wire harness into the oven cavity and disconnect the wires from the harness.

  • Carefully remove the igniter from the shipping box. Any sudden drops or rough handling can damage the new igniter.

  • Fasten the new igniter to the burner tube.

  • Re-connect the wire harness with the supplied connectors and push the wire back into the oven liner.

  • Re-install the flame spreader.

  • Re-install the oven bottom and racks and test operation.

If this does not repair the bake function you may need to have a technician check the other components as listed in Joey’s list of components.

If you have more questions or need more help please use the link to communicate with me.

I hope this will help with your repair.

Thank you for using Manage My Life.

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Sam A -
Sears Technician
December 21, 2010