Model #3627391992 KENMORE Range (gas)

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F1 Error Code 3627391992 Kenmore Gas range


I understand how frustrating this type of issue can be so I am happy to help. The F1 code on this type of Kenmore gas range usually indicates that you have a bad control board or a problem with the oven temperature sensor circuit. If the EOC is the problem, that part is no longer available and there is no manufacturer recommended substitution. It may be possible to find a replacement on Ebay or a similar site taken from a similar range. If you want to proceed and check the sensor probe, you can use the following instructions.

Shut off the house circuit breaker or unplug the range to disconnect electrical power before accessing internal components.

Click here for a brief video that shows how to test that sensor using a volt/ohm meter. (If you do not have a volt/ohm meter, you can buy one at your local Sears or hardware store. That sensor should measure around 1100 ohms at room temperature. If the resistance is over 2000 ohms then that sensor will need to be replaced. You can order parts here; Sears Parts Direct .

If that sensor is okay, plug that sensor back into the wire harness and check the resistance of the entire sensor circuit from the control board in the console (with electrical power to the range still disconnected ).

That sensor circuit usually connects to the control board through violet or white wires. You should measure the same resistance through that circuit that you measured directly at the sensor probe. If that circuit is electrically "open" (measures infinite resistance) then you could have a thermal circuit breaker in that circuit that is tripped or you could have a bad wire harness. A failed electronic control board could also cause this problem.

If you do not feel comfortable making these types of checks, you can schedule a Sears technician here; Sears Home Services .

If you decide it is time to replace this range, a good place to start is here; .

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Desiree -
Sears Technician
October 16, 2013